Enhance your portfolio with the creativity of owner financing

New project/Investment opportunity

How do we work with Investors?

Putting your home on the market can feel like an overwhelming and complex effort. We pride ourselves on creating a system that can help you sell your property by offering Owner Financing in traditional and creative ways that will produce a long-term passive stream of income.

How it works

Owner Financing can be a useful tool to sell your property to someone who does not qualify for traditional financing. This is also a great option for Investors who want to hold the Note themselves and generate monthly cash flow. Here’s how owner financing may work for you:

Having trouble selling your investment home?

-Offering Owner Financing on your listing or simply placing a sign on the property stating Owner Financing available is a great way to drive additional traffic and help market your property to a whole new pool of Buyers. Once we’re contacted by a potential Buyer, TOFC will get them pre-approved and ready to go under contract in less than 48 hours.

Need to get out of a hard money loan?

-Investors who do not have permanent financing on the property can sell the home offering Owner Financing and get that hard money loan balance paid off in 30 days. The Owner Finance Company will purchase the property from the Investor once they have a Buyer in place.

Want to hold the Note?

The Owner Finance Company teaches Investors how to generate cash flow by leveraging the interest rate spread between their permanent financing and their Seller terms to the Buyer. We help Investors structure their deals correctly, so they maximize their returns and stay compliant with the State of Texas.

Benefits of working with us

  • Reach more potential Buyers for your investment properties
  • Learn creative financing options to diversify your portfolio
  • Stay compliant with State and Federal guidelines on transactions

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