Owner Financing Made Easy – We Service All of Texas

You pick the home & we buy it for you!

The Owner Finance Company helps people who do not qualify for traditional financing.

We work with Buyers, Realtors and Investors!

With a valid ID or Passport & proof of funds, ALL Buyers are approved within 24-48 hours. The Owner Finance Company offers 30-year loans with fixed rates.

Here’s how it works:

Benefits of Owner Financing include:

Access to financing

TOFC specializes in assisting Buyers who face challenges qualifying for traditional financing. Through our pre-approval process, Buyers who may be first-time Homebuyers, Foreign Nationals, individuals with lower credit, self employed or those experiencing obstacles in obtaining a mortgage due to income or employment history, can receive the necessary approval.


Our criteria for properties starts at $200,000 with no maximum purchase price. We require a down payment of 20%, along with a 5% loan origination fee, and our Buyers are responsible for closing costs, which are estimated at 5%. All loans are 30-year notes with a fixed interest rate of 11.9%.

Streamlined process

TOFC enables a streamlined process for Buyers, including first-time Homebuyers, Foreign Nationals, and individuals with unique financial circumstances, by facilitating a smooth transaction beginning with a quick and easy pre-approval and no application fee. By removing traditional financing barriers, we pave the way for your successful Real Estate purchase.  Our Transaction Coordinators will also provide hands on assistance from start to finish for both our Buyers and Realtors.


When you refer TOFC Investors or Buyers, who participate in our program, we offer a referral fee for the first deal and all deals that close thereafter.

Inventory At a Glance

In addition to our regular loan program, we occasionally have inventory available with lower down payments and closing costs. These homes are currently available and provide an opportunity for Buyers to secure financing with reduced upfront expenses compared to our standard loan program, as outlined in the information above.

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